Why update the General Plan?

The City's current General Plan was adopted in 2010, but emerging trends and new State laws are now triggering the need for an update. These trends include demographic change, the rise of internet shopping, growth in the logistics industry, new transportation technologies and more. Additionally, a series of new State laws enacted since the General Plan was last comprehensively updated mean the City must incorporate strategies to address multi-modal mobility, environmental justice, climate vulnerability, and emergency evacuation among other topics. In short, now is the time for both new and longtime residents to come together and define a shared vision for the future, clearly articulate goals and priorities, and for the City to put in place new policies that will guide growth and development over the next two decades.

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1. What is a General Plan and who uses it?
2. What area does the General Plan cover?
3. What goes into the General Plan?
4. Why update the General Plan?
5. What's the difference between a General Plan and a Zoning Code?
6. What is an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)?
7. What is the timeline for updating the General Plan?
8. How Do I Get Involved?