What is a General Plan and who uses it?

All cities and counties in California are required to have a general plan, which serves as the blueprint for growth and conservation, adopted by the City Council. It lays out the city’s long-term vision, and includes text, diagrams, and maps to communicate how the vision will be implemented. The plan is used a basis for land use decisions and is used by government officials such as the Planning Commission and the City Council to guide urban development. A general plan is also called a comprehensive plan because it covers the entire geographic area within city limits – both privately-owned and publicly owned properties – and a broad range of issues including physical, social, and economic development. Click here to view Chino’s current General Plan.

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1. What is a General Plan and who uses it?
2. What area does the General Plan cover?
3. What goes into the General Plan?
4. Why update the General Plan?
5. What's the difference between a General Plan and a Zoning Code?
6. What is an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)?
7. What is the timeline for updating the General Plan?
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