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If you are conducting business in Chino, then you will need to obtain a business license. Businesses that are not physically located within the city limits, but are conducting business within the city are also required to obtain a Chino Business License. 

The Business License Application process is quick and easy. You can download the appropriate application below, fill it out, and bring it into City Hall. Please note that electronic copies/signatures will NOT be accepted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to gives us a call at (909) 334-3263, or by email at


Business License Information
• Business License Application
Contractor's Business License Application
One-Day Vendor Permit Business License Application


Who needs a business license?

  • Per Chino Municipal Code 5.04.040, anyone conducting business in the City of Chino is required to obtain a City business license. This includes out-of-town delivery vehicles, servicemen, and contractors. If you are starting a new business, you must also check to see if you need to record a Fictitious Business Name, or if you require a state seller's permit. 

What permits do I need to start a business?

  • The type of permits you will need depends upon the type of business you are going to operate. Please visit the Business Resource Catalogue CalGold for more information about finding the appropriate permitting information for your business.

What type of signs require a sign permit?

  • A Sign Permit is required for the installation of any wall, monument, directory, directional or window sign. To receive more information about sign permits, please contact the Planning Division at (909) 334-3253.

What programs does the City have for start-up and existing businesses?

  • The City partners with the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to provide workshops, seminars, and one-on-one consulting for start-up and existing businesses. Please contact the Economic Development Division at (909) 334-3254 for further assistance.

How do I do business with the City of Chino?

  • If you have a product or a service that you feel may benefit the City of Chino, please contact the Purchasing Division at (909) 334-3367 to be added to the City's vendor list.

Where can I find demographic information about the City of Chino?

What is a fictitious business name?

  • A business name that does not include the surname of the individual owner, and each of the partners, or the nature of the business is not clear by the name. 

What if my business is home-based?

  • Any office or service activities conducted from your home is subject to a business license. You will need to obtain a Home Occupation Permit from the Planning Division. 

How do I renew my business license?

  • A business license is valid for one year, and a courtesy renewal notice will be forwarded to the registered business owner 30 days before the current one expires. Please note that if you do NOT receive a renewal notice, it does NOT mean that you are exempt from renewing it. 

What if I sell my business?

  • If you sell your business and sell the business name, then you must file a forfeiture of the business name with the San Bernardino County Clerk. The new owner of the business must apply for the name once the seller completes the forfeiture. 

What if I move to a new location in Chino?

  • Moving within Chino requires approval from the Planning Division and a new application. This step is required to ensure that the new location is zoned for any changes in the scope of the business. 

Do I need to reapply for a business license if I change my business name?

  • If the name of your business changes, then the only requirement is a document indicating a name change. If the Tax ID number changes, then the current business license will be closed, and a new one will be issued. Only if the Tax ID number remains the same, then the name change can take place without closing the license. 

What if I use a certain type of chemical in my business activities?

  • If your business uses a certain type of chemical, you may be required to obtain an Industrial Discharge Permit from the Environmental Engineering Division. 

What can I expect the Planning Division to ask me about my business?

  • Planning will start by asking you to elaborate on the use of property in full detail. If your business is home-based, planning wants to know in full detail the type of business activities conducted from your home. If you plan on storing any flammables, the Planning Division would need to know so that the Chino Valley Fire Department can sign you off before the Planning Division can approve your use. The Planning Division will want the number of employees, if you have any,so that they can determine if parking is adequate at the property.

What can I expect the Building and Safety Division to ask me about my business?

  • Building and safety will ask you if you plan on altering the building, whether it's structural, plumbing, mechanical, or electrical. Staff will walk you through the necessary steps to obtain a permit.