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As a City of Chino Resident, I recognize that I am a valued member of this community and I believe that the City of Chino is a City that cares. I pledge my support to the "Chino Cares" movement and commit to the following actions:

Chino Cares

 I will get my information about things happening in the City of Chino from reliable sources such as:

  • City Council Meetings, Commission Meetings, Fire Board Meetings, etc.
  • The City's Social Media platforms: @cityofchinogov or @chinopolicedept
  • City of Chino website (
  • Calling City Hall for information 909-334-3250

 See Something, Say Something: If I see something suspicious or criminal activity, I will say something by calling the Police Department at 909-628-1234. (I understand that posting soemthing on social media is not a substitute for calling the police.)

 I will sign up for Chino Notify, the City's mass notification system, so that I can be informed when there is an emergency. (

 I understand that I am responsible for getting my family prepared for a disaster. I will take the steps necessary to ensure we are ready such as:

  • Pack an emergency kit
  • Create a family emergency plan
  • Work together with my neighbors to prepare
  • Practice life-saving skills with my family members (drop, cover and hold on, utility shut-off, etc.)

 I will support the City of Chino Community by attending at least one City-sponsored event, fair, meeting or recreation class each year.

By entering your name below, you are pledging your support of the "Chino Cares" movement and are wililng to partner with City employees, community members and volunteers in caring for the Chino Community.

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