Utility Rate Structure

Prop 218

On July 7, 2020 at 7 pm, the Chino City Council will be considering proposed changes to property-related fees for solid waste, sewage treatment and sewer service effective July 8, 2020 as detailed below (2020 Prop 218 Notice).

Property owners and customers of record may submit written protest to the proposed changes as specified in the notice.  Rates for other property-related fees are posted below (2018 Prop 218 Notice) and were previously noticed and approved by Council on June 19, 2018.  The fees on the July 7, 2020 notice would supplement and/or supersede the June 19, 2018 rates.

On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, the Chino City Council authorized staff to initiate a proposition 218 notification with proposed water rate structure changes. The change is from traditional rate structures based on usage to a budget-based water allocation rate structure.

A budget-based water allocation rate structure is a customized approach that gives families and businesses an allocation of water based upon their unique indoor and outdoor water needs while encouraging conservation.

We encourage all water customers of the City of Chino to be aware, review the information and learn how this rate structure benefits you and our resources.  

City Council Staff Report-Utility Rates Structure

2020 Prop 218 Water Rate Brochure

2020 Prop 218 Water Rate Brochure-Spanish

2020 Prop 218 Water Rate Brochure-Chinese 

2018 Prop 218 Water Rate Brochure

2018 Prop 218 Water Rate Brochure-Chinese

2018 Prop 218 Water Rate Brochure-Spanish

2018 Prop 218 Refuse and Recycling Notice

Trash Services

The City of Chino contracts all refuse and recycling services to Waste Management. Waste Management is responsible for the collection and disposal of residential services. Waste Management also manages the collection, disposal, and customer service for all commercial accounts. Residential billing and bill notification is handled by the City of Chino.

As part of the City of Chino's weekly refuse service, each single-family residence receives three 96-gallon wheeled carts: one with a black lid for trash only, one with a gray lid for recyclables, and one with a green lid for green waste. Commercial services vary and are based on service needs. 

Trash Service Rates-Residential
Trash Service Rates-Commercial

Budget-Based Water Rates

The City of Chino has moved to a budget-based rate structure tailored to meet the needs of each customer. The new rate structure assigns an individualized budget for indoor and outdoor water use. Each budget is calculated by using a formula that considers the number of residents in a home, the amount of irrigated landscape, weather, and other factors. Rates are based on a three-tier pricing system with the highest tier applied when customers go over budget.

With water budgets we can ensure customers receive all the water they need when it is used efficiently. Those who stay within their budget will see savings on their water use - and on their utility bill.

Customers will see the new rates reflected in their December 2019 water bills.