Chino Police Implements Digital Radio System

Chino Police Implements Digital Radio System
Posted on 03/23/2017

Chino Police Department is next in line to implement a new digital radio system as part of a countywide project. The enhanced communications system will replace the county of San Bernardino’s existing analog system, providing several improved features and benefits including, but not limited to greater coverage, enhanced interoperability, increased officer safety and improved system reliability.

Analog radio systems have become an outdated technology. This technology posed reliability issues and compromised officer safety due to limited coverage and public accessibility. The digital radio switchover will encrypt radio channels, making it no longer available to scanner devices. Radio encryption also falls in line with the Department of Justice regulations regarding public access to confidential information.

“This highly anticipated project is long overdue and we are looking forward to the transition,” states Chief Karen Comstock. “We have encountered dangerous circumstances in the past putting the community and our officers safety at risk due to our inability to communicate reliably and on a protected radio channel.”

The project, initially proposed in 2007 and funded in 2013 has been implanted in stages. Its continued implementation in cities across the county will continue to span over the next few years. Chino PD’s projected switch over date is March 29, 2017.

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