Business License

The Business Licensing section administers the business license program, including: registration of new businesses, annual renewals, enforcing the business license ordinance, gross receipt verification, and providing mandated business tax information to the State.

Who needs a business license?
Per Chino Municipal Code 5.04.040, anyone conducting business in the City of Chino is required to obtain a City business license. This includes out-of-town delivery vehicles, servicemen, and contractors. Anyone with a home-based business is also required to obtain a business license from the City. Per Chino Municipal Code 9.64.030, flyers, notices, etc. are prohibited from being placed on parked vehicles anywhere within the City.

Before you apply:
Contact the Planning Division of our Development Services Department to inquire about zoning and sign requirements for your type of business at its planned location. All applications for licensing will be reviewed by various City departments for proper zoning and use prior to issuing the final business tax certificate. If the business activity utilizes any chemical, you may be required to obtain an Industrial User Discharge Permit from the Environmental Design of the Public Works Department, and/or a Special Conditional Use Permit from the Planning Division. **In addition, you must comply with all City, County, and State regulations for zoning, building, and health and safety.

How do I obtain a Business License Application?
You can print a PDF version of the Business License Application; or One-Day Business License Application; if you are a contractor licensed by the Contractor State License Board, you will need to complete the Contractor Business License Application. You can also call the Business Licensing section directly at (909) 334-3263, or come to City Hall.

What are the fees for a City of Chino Business License?
There are several different categories for a City of Chino Business License. Fees are based on the type of business you have and/or other specifications. For the most accurate information on current fees, please refer to the fee schedule on the Business License Application or if you are a contractor licensed by the Contractor State License Board, refer to the Contractor Business License Application.

To update information on a current City of Chino Business License, if you have any questions, or if you would like to speak with the Business Licensing section, please contact:

(909) 334-3263
Fax: (909) 334-3727

For information on filing a fictitious name statement, please contact the San Bernardino County Clerk toll free at 855-732-2575 or visit their website for more information.

Please contact the State Board of Equalization for information regarding a resale permit at (951) 680-6400 or visit their website for more information.