The Code Enforcement Division of the Development Services Department is responsible for enforcement of property maintenance, zoning, and building codes throughout Chino. Below are the frequently asked questions posed to Code Enforcement Officers while out on the field and in the office. 

Does the City of Chino allow cannabis/marijuana dispensaries?

No, according to Chino municipal code 20.01.060-Marijuana Regulations; marijuana cultivation, processing, delivery, and dispensaries are prohibited within the city's boundaries. 

What are the yard sale rules?

In the Chino municipal code 5.40-Yard Sales it states: an individual seller, household, group, house address or location, is permitted two yard sales per year.

The yard sale must not take place more than three consecutive days and can only operate between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

There can only be three signs (1 onsite and 2 directional) posted. The signs must be on private property and immediately removed when the sale is over. 

Can I park my boat, trailer or RV in my driveway?

Yes, temporarily. Municipal Code 20.10.100 states boats, trailers or recreational vehicles may be parked on a private property's driveway up to 72 hours. 

On Collection days, how long can waste bins stay outside before being stored?

No. The Chino municipal code 8.16.070, states, all garbage, recycling, and yard waste bins must be removed within 24 hours of collection.

Additionally, garbage, recycling, and yard bins must be stored out of view from the public right-of-way, behind a fence or within a garage or enclosure. 

My neighbor's tree hangs over to my side. What are my rights?

The encroachment of shrubs or vegetation, including a tree, upon a neighbor's property is a common civil issue in California. This issue must be addressed as such, therefore, the City of Chino has no jurisdiction to involve itself in civil matters.

The best course of action is to research California neighbor laws and consult with a legal authority if you are unsuccessful at resolving the matter with your neighbor as one.

Can I store inoperable vehicles in my driveway?

Inoperable vehicles or vehicle parts placed on a driveway are considered a nuisance in the Chino municipal code and can only be stored for 72 hours.

Inoperable vehicles must be out of public view and made operable in order to be stored on a driveway.  Putting a cover over the vehicle and/or registering it as inoperable with the Department of Motor Vehicles is not sufficient.