Obtaining a Police Report

The Chino Police Department's Records Unit is responsible for receiving, maintaining and archiving police records in compliance with department policies, city policies and state law. All report requests must be reviewed for eligibility for release and may take up to 10 days to process. Certain reports may not be available for release because an investigation is ongoing or because release of the report is restricted by law. Additionally, certain reports must be redacted (have protected information removed) prior to release. Please note, police reports are not released to arrested individuals and/or suspects. These individuals may obtain reports through their legal representatives through the discovery and/or subpoena process.

You may request a copy of a report if you are:

  • A victim of a crime
  • Authorized representative of the victim of a crime (with a signed waiver)
  • The insurance carrier against whom a claim has been made or may be made
  • Any person who suffered bodily injury or property damage as a result of an incident, including a traffic collision

If you would like to request a copy of a police report, call for service, or other public record, please complete and return the Department’s Report Request form (English version /Spanish version) following the instructions outlined on the form.


FAQ’s – Obtaining a Police Report

How can I be sure to receive the records that I want?

The Chino Police Department prefers that all Public Records Act (PRA) requests are made in writing using our Report Request Form (English version /Spanish version) to help ensure that we can accurately identify the records being sought in the request. Please include the following information in your request, so that we may respond to your request in a timely manner:

  • Provide a clear and specific description of the requested information. Identify dates and times, report numbers, the names of persons involved and other specific information. The police department may ask you for additional information if the request is not specific enough to permit identification of the records you seek.
  • Provide contact information so that our staff can obtain clarifying information if needed to ensure a prompt and accurate response to your request.

Can I access any record held by the Police Department?

No. Some records are exempt from release by law, including cases where the public interest in confidentiality outweighs the public interest in disclosure. (Government Code 6255).

The PRA only applies to records that already exist, and the police department is not required to create a record, list or compilation.

For additional information on the Public Records Act, including which types of records are exempt from public release, please click here.


Do I need to show identification to make a public records request from the police department?

Although you are not required to provide identification, doing so will help the Chino Police Department serve you more promptly.

Your identification will allow us to determine which records may be released in accordance with the Public Records Act.

The following types of photo identification are most useful to help you: (one of the following):

  • State or Federal identification card
  • Driver license
  • Passport


How soon will I receive a response to my request from the police department?

The Public Records Act (Government Code section 6253) requires the prompt response to requests for access to records, usually within ten days of the request.

Within ten days, the Chino Police Department will determine if the information is disclosable and notify the requester of the determination and provide an estimated date by which the records will be provided.

In unusual circumstances, the 10-day time limit for this notification may be extended up to an additional fourteen days by written notice to the requester.

If the Police Department determines that it can comply with the request, it will provide the records as promptly as possible.


What if I was arrested?

If you have been arrested and have not appeared in court, the Records Unit will not release the report. The case must be adjudicated before the report may be released. The court or prosecution will discuss options for obtaining the report at your arraignment.


What if a report involved a juvenile (under 18 years of age)?

Juvenile information includes any document relating to juvenile contacts and arrests, including being a victim of any crime. Access to juvenile court records is limited in accordance with the California Rule of Court 5.552 and Welfare & Institutions Code Section 827. Release of juvenile information requires the authorization of the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court.

Parents of a juvenile may receive a copy of certain types of reports (i.e. traffic collision reports). Availability of these records is restricted to court personnel, the minor, parents or guardian, attorneys involved in the case, and other persons designated by statute. All others will need to petition Juvenile Court directly for the release of that record.


When may I inspect public records at the police department?

Public records are open to inspection during office hours, generally between 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Advanced notice is not required to inspect public records; however, a review may be delayed depending on adequate staff to assist you while maintaining other essential services to the public. It is advisable that any person who wishes to inspect records contact the Records Unit Supervisor prior to a planned request to assure that the records and staff are available to avoid delays. A requester may have to schedule an appointment if the records must be found and reviewed, or if redaction of confidential information is necessary.


May I obtain records in electronic format?

Yes, under certain conditions. The Chino Police Department may provide an electronic public record in the electronic format in which it retains its information or in one that is used by the department to create copies for its own use or provision to other agencies.


What are the fees to inspect records and for copies of records that I request?

There is no charge to inspect records in person at the Chino Police Department.

Fees to obtain copies of a report or other public records depend on the length of the document and the type of media (e.g. CD; DVD; thumb drive) on which the documents are provided. For additional information of our fees, please see the Fees section.