Additional Information

The resources below are available to further equip and inform Chino residents on Department policy and operations.

Unmanned Aerial System (drones) - Frequently Asked Questions
• Automated License Plate Reader Policy
• Citizen Complaint Process
 Citizen Complaint Form
• Social Media Policy
How to Report a Sexual Assault/Sexual Misconduct of a Prisoner (PREA 2003)
Chino Police Department-Sexual Assault of a Prisoner Form

CCW Information:
The Chino Police Department Policy, pursuant to Penal Code 26155(c), states that the Chief may enter into an agreement with the local sheriff’s department to process all applications and licenses for the carrying of concealed weapons. The Chino Police Department has entered into such an agreement with the San Bernardino County Sheriff.

You may contact the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department to submit a concealed weapons application. For more information please refer to the San Bernardino County CCW Permit Application Instructions.

If you have any additional questions regarding this matter, please contact Sergeant Franklin in the Office of Professional Standards directly at (909) 334-3054 or

Patch Requests:
Due to security reasons, we are unable to provide our police patch to other agencies or collectors.