Message from City Manager

Message from City Manager
Posted on 01/21/2017

Storm Ready

Chino Community,

Beginning Sunday, we are expecting another series of heavy rains through Monday. Chino, along with neighboring cities have not experienced this level of rainfall since 2010. This has resulted in flooding throughout the city. I assure you city crews are currently preparing for the next set of storms due tomorrow. In addition to being fully staffed, we are currently clearing storm debris, and staging materials and equipment citywide.

I appreciate your ongoing patience as we address these abnormal amounts of rainfall.

As you are aware, Chino is situated in a region where rainfall from the foothill communities passes through our city. We can expect more road closures tomorrow and ask that you consider staying home. If you need to travel, please afford yourselves additional time.

For residents in South Chino, I am aware of your frustrations and concerns. Our crews and police department are monitoring the area and are in constant communication with other agencies such as Caltrans regarding Euclid Ave.

Information will be forthcoming about regional improvements in The Preserve and will be posted on the city website.

Thank you for your time.


Matthew C. Ballantyne, City Manager, City of Chino