Chino PD Conducts Alcohol Enforcement Operations

Chino PD Conducts Alcohol Enforcement Operations
Posted on 10/24/2017

During the month of September 2017, Police investigators and the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) conducted several alcohol enforcement operations at ABC licensed establishments within the city of Chino jurisdiction.

Investigators conducted two Shoulder Tap operations, 13 IMPACT inspections and one undercover bar enforcement operation, resulting in one arrest. All licensed establishments complied with state and local regulations and laws.

The Shoulder Tap Operation focuses on adults who purchase alcohol for individuals under 21 years old. Under the direct supervision of an officer, a minor will stand outside of a store and ask patrons to buy them alcohol. The minor indicates he or she is underage and cannot purchase the alcohol. If the adults agree to purchase alcohol for the minor, officers then arrest and cite them for furnishing alcohol to the minor.

IMPACT (Informed Merchants Preventing Alcohol-Related Crime Tendencies) inspections educate ABC licensed establishments about the different ways they can participate in reducing alcohol-related crimes. IMPACT teams remind licensed establishments of the responsibilities and accountability associated with the sale of alcoholic beverages. IMPACT teams identify areas of noncompliance and provide crime prevention information. The focus is to educate rather than enforce. The IMPACT teams are prevention oriented; however, members may take action against any major violations observed during the visits.

The undercover bar inspections, entail investigators visiting bar establishments in plain clothes to look for criminal activity related to violations associated with alcohol such as, sales to minors, illegal narcotics activity, overly intoxicated subjects and over serving patrons.

Funding for the alcohol enforcement operations program is through the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control – Grant Assistance Program (GAP). The program’s design is to shut down any businesses operating illegally, keep alcohol away from minors and bring penalties such as fines, suspensions or revocations against businesses that violate alcohol related laws.

To report suspected alcohol related violations contact the Special Enforcement Team at (909) 334-3072.