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Air Quality Management Permit
Phone: 909-396-2000
To ensure compliance and reduce emissions from specific types of equipment, processes, paints and solvents, businesses discharging any gas, chemical, dust or smoke into the atmosphere need to obtain clearance from the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Ovens, char-broilers, plating activity, and other uses may also require approval.
Alcohol Beverage Permit
Phone: 909-782-4400 and 909-395-2036
Businesses selling alcohol beverages - whether to be consumed 'on' or 'off' premises - must follow pertinent rules and regulations, and obtain required permits from the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC). Some uses may also require additional City of Chino Planning Division approvals.
Business License
Phone: 909-334-3263
All businesses within the City of Chino are required to obtain, maintain and conspicuously post a City of Chino Business License.
California Contractor's License
Phone: 800-321-2752
Contractors' licenses are regulated through the State of California Contractors Board.
California Trademark & Service Mark Registration
Phone: 916-653-4984
Trademark and service marks may be registered with the State of California, Secretary of State. Please note: Federally registered trademarks supersede state registered business and product names. Businesses are encouraged to check for conflicts with federal trademarks.
Employment Development Department Registration
Phone: 916-653-0707
Businesses that include hiring of one or more employees need to register with the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD). This agency administers unemployment and disability insurance.
Employment Eligibility Verification
Phone: 800-870-3676 and 800-357-2099
All employers are obligated to verify the employment eligibility of new hires by processing Employment Eligibility Verification via INS Form I-9. Information bulletins, assistance, INS forms and the Employer Handbook are available from the INS Office of Business Liaison.
Federal Identification Number
Phone: 800-829-1040
To comply with Federal Income Tax, Social Security and Unemployment Insurance regulations, a federal Employer's Identification Number is required of all businesses hiring one or more employees.
Federal Trademark & Patent Registration
Phone: 800-786-9199 and 703-308-9000
For intellectual property protection, trademarks and patents used in any commerce that is subject to regulation by state government or the U.S. Congress may be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Fictitious Name or Doing Business As (DBA)
Phone: 909-387-8306
A business under a name other than the owner's/owners' legal given name or initials must file a Fictitious Name Statement with the San Bernardino County Clerk's Office.
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