Euclid Business Center (Bickmore)

Alere Project

Project Description

The Euclid Industrial Park is an 18.6-acre, 360,000-square-foot development comprising of eight buildings at Bickmore Avenue and Euclid Avenue (CA-83). The largest building, of 206,118 square feet, will have a clear height of 36 feet; the rest, ranging from 13,050 to 49,640 square feet, will have 26-foot clear ceilings. As part of the Conditions of Approval, the developer is required to design and construct public improvements including, but not limited to storm drain, street, water and sewer in/on Bickmore and Euclid Avenues.


16003 Euclid Ave, Bldg 1, Chino, CA 91708
Intersection of Bickmore Avenue and Euclid Avenue.

Project Team

Alere Property Group, LLC.

Project Schedule/Milestones

July 2019 - Alere received conditional Planning Commission approval for Euclid Business Center.

June 2021 - Chino reviews and approves project plans including many required public improvements.

October 2022 - Alere submits application requesting full closure of BIckmore from Euclid to Quality Way.

December 2022 - Alere requests a closure extension, Chino grants and notes extensions would only be given if reasonable effort is made.

January 2023 - Alere requests a closure extension to February 14, 2023, citing rain events and extensive groundwater encountered. Chino believes Alere had sufficient time to deal with these issues and should re-open Bickmore by the February deadline.

February 2023 - Alere fails to re-open Bickmore by the deadline and Chino begins assessing fines. Alere obtains a permit from Caltrans for improvements along Euclid. 

March 2023 - Alere reopened Bickmore to a single eastbound lane. The project received approval from the City and Caltrans to modify the traffic control plan, including changes in the Caltrans right-of-way. Additionally, Caltrans has reactivated the signal movements on the Euclid Avenue / Bickmore Avenue intersection.

July 20, 2023 - Bickmore open to two-way traffic.

Through the end 2023 – Construction of sewer line will continue across Euclid Avenue at Bickmore requiring lane reductions on Euclid northbound and southbound with occasional turning restrictions on to and off Bickmore. At least one-lane will be open at all times and no further road closures are planned.

Project Updates

July 2023 Update

The City of Chino is pleased to announce that Bickmore Avenue is now accessible for all movements. Despite facing several delays and challenges during the construction phase, the developer has achieved this significant milestone. We would like to remind residents of some key details as we move on to the next phase of the project.

While the streets are now open, final cap paving is still pending and is scheduled to occur after the completion of incidental work. As a result, some unevenness on the road surface may be evident during this period.

Please take note that the left turn pocket on Bickmore Avenue is now available, but the right turn pocket will remain closed. However, the right turn movement can still be made at the intersection. Traffic control measures and occasional lane reductions may still be implemented in the area during the project's final phase.

The developer has corrected the sewer and sinkhole issues that were discovered during the project, ensuring safer and more reliable infrastructure for everyone.

Looking ahead, the next stage of the project will focus on further enhancements along the Euclid frontage. This will involve capping and paving all streets along Bickmore, and flagging operations will be utilized to maintain safe traffic flow.

June 2023 Update
City staff has been working diligently with the Altitude Developer to investigate and address a sinkhole that was discovered approximately 400 feet west of the Quality Way intersection. A comprehensive plan for the necessary repairs has been developed, and corrective action is currently underway.

In addition, City inspectors have identified further issues with the sewer line installation by the Alere development which require immediate corrective action. The Alere developer has been instructed to address these deficiencies promptly.

As a result, the closure of the westbound lane will be extended throughout the month of June. While these delays are frustrating for all parties involved, the City’s top priority is the safety of our community.

To help ease local traffic flow, we are pleased to announce that Pine Avenue has been fully reopened between West Preserve Loop and Homecoming Drive. Furthermore, access to East Preserve Loop south of Pine Avenue is expected to reopen on June 15th.

We will continue to provide updates as the work progresses and more information becomes available.

May 2023 Update
A sinkhole has been discovered on the north side of the roadway, located approximately 400 feet west of the Quality Way intersection.

The sinkhole is situated along the alignment of an existing sewer main that was previously constructed as part of the adjacent industrial development on Quality Way (Altitude). City staff has taken immediate action by coordinating with the developer's team to conduct a comprehensive investigation and determine the necessary repairs for the roadway.

The investigation is actively ongoing, and we anticipate being able to provide a more comprehensive update soon. As a result, the closure of the Bickmore Avenue westbound lane, unfortunately, will be extended beyond initial projections of May 30. 

April 2023 Update
City staff and the Alere (developer) team have been collaborating closely to ensure the timely completion of all necessary work. Following a recent meeting, the Alere team revised their construction schedule to address City concerns and ensure that all tasks receive ample time for completion. According to the updated schedule, Bickmore is expected to open for two-way traffic on or before Tuesday, May 30th.

Technical Details

During construction activities may include construction of an underground utilities including a sewer line across Euclid at Bickmore, construction of curb, gutter and sidewalk along the project frontage, new pavement along the project frontage, new streetlights, a new westbound right-turn pocket on Bickmore at Euclid and improvements to the traffic signal at the intersection of Euclid and Bickmore.

Contact Information 

For questions about this project, please contact City of Chino Associate Engineer, Jorge Alvarado via email or by phone at 909-334-3353.