An annexation is the process of bringing areas of county land into the limits of a city. Cities can only explore an annexation if the target county area falls within what is called their “Sphere of Influence.”


A Sphere of Influence (SOI) is defined as the probable, or eventual, physical boundary and service area of a city. The Sphere of Influence is ultimately determined by a Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO). 


A LAFCO is a regional service planning agency established by the State of California in 1963. LAFCOs exist in all 58 California counties. Their regulatory powers include approving, establishing, expanding, reorganizing, and, in some situations, dissolving cities and special districts in the State. 

The LAFCO of San Bernardino is specifically tasked with being the liaison between the City of Chino and San Bernardino County when it comes to exploring and processing any City annexation.


Annexations result in better public safety services, better access to local government services, and provides residents with "local" control.

When properties are annexed questions about city services, processing building permits, issuing potential complaints, etc., would occur at Chino City Hall rather than needing to contact various County of San Bernardino offices.

Residents whose properties are annexed will also have locally elected representation through five City Council members instead of one County Supervisor.

Some expanded services that newly annexed residents can expect include graffiti removal, street sweeping, street improvements, and additional infrastructure maintenance.

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The City of Chino is proposing to annex approximately 145 acres of land into its city boundaries that is currently under the jurisdiction of the County of San Bernardino.

Map of the Annexation Area

City of Chino - Annexation Ramona Francis

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Public Hearing at the Planning Commission Meeting
February 22, 2023
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Public Hearing at the City of Chino Council Meeting
March 21, 2023
City of Chino Council Chambers
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January 25, 2023
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December 1, 2022
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