Photo Challenge 2022

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Congratulations to the City of Chino 2022 Photo Contest Winners!

Photographers of all ages and experience levels were invited to enter Chino's first annual photo contest! They shared their perspective of the Chino community and culture through their lens! 


Chino Animals: Whether they have scales, feathers, fur, paws or claws – share your favorite pictures of Chino animals, pets, and wild life.  

Chino Living: Share what everyday life is like for Chino residents! Whether your subject is a mom hugging her child, or kids on a school bus, we want to see it! 

Chino Fun: Fun is all around! Capture citizens at City events, participating in City programs, taking part in recreational activities, at tourist attractions or outdoor destinations. 

Chino Nature & Landmarks: Showcase the best in scenic beauty of Chino's nature, Chino parks, roadways, overlooks, streetscapes, public art, distinctive buildings, facilities, structures, and other recognizable places to visit. 

 Chino Opportunity: Opportunity is all around us! Capture businesses, entrepreneurism, shopping, dining, employee and consumer interactions. 

Winning Entries:

  • Receive recognition by the Chino City Council at a regularly scheduled City Council meeting. 
  • May be featured as part of the City’s publications, website, and/or social media sites. 
  • Receive a Chino gift basket including a gift card to a local Chino restaurant and awesome Chino swag!
  1. Chino Animals
  2. Chino Fun
  3. Chino Living
  4. Chino Nature & Landmarks

Chino Animals

Sunset at the Dairy Farm by Elise Rall