Sewer System

Are you on septic and want to get connected to sewer?  

If you live in the County unincorporated area of Chino, you can already connect to regional sewers through the City of Chino.

These are the FACTS about Septic and Sewer:

  • While on-site septic systems that were installed years ago may be impacting groundwater, the water from your tap is treated water that is safe and meets water quality standards.
  • In addition to providing quality drinking water, the City of Chino provides wastewater services.  Sewer service is provided by the City not only to its residents, but also to numerous properties in the County unincorporated area.
  •  Sewer is a more convenient, long-term solution that’s better for the environment than septic.
  • You can currently connect to Chino’s sewer system if your property is in the County part of Chino, whether you have an existing septic tank or new construction.
  • Chino has already issued over 100 sewer service agreements and continues to approve applications.
  •  The fastest, most efficient way to tie into sewer is through Chino

If you're interested in connecting to the City of Chino sewer, give us a call at 909-334-3418 and we'll help you start the process today.

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

To facilitate proper funding and management of sanitary sewer systems, under the State Water Board Order, the City must develop and implement a system-specific Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP). To be effective, SSMPs must include provisions to provide proper and efficient management, operation, and maintenance of sanitary sewer systems, while taking into consideration risk management and cost benefit analysis.

SSMP Documents