Listos is a grass-roots disaster preparedness program that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of Spanish-speaking communities. The program is delivered in a format that is both culturally and linguistically appropriate for the target population. Alertar y Preparar LISTOS was developed by Aware and Prepare, located in Santa Barbara, to provide Spanish-language disaster preparedness education, both locally and nationally. The core of the Alertar y Preparar LISTOS design is based on building sustainable relationships and partnerships with local businesses, community leaders, and non-profit organizations.

Listos is a free training offered to the community. Listos training is currently offered in Spanish and English (other languages, including Mandarin are coming soon). If your organization is interested in having a Listos training, please contact Denise School, Emergency Services Coordinator, by email or 909-334-3192.

Topics include:

  • Identifying Vulnerabilities
  • Creating a communication plan
  • Important Document Back-Up
  • Fire Extinguisher Use
  • First Aid
  • Utilities Shut-off

For further information and to become involved in helping prepare Chino you can email the City's Emergency Manager or call the Chino Police Department at 909-334-3192.