5 Preparedness Tips

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Download our wallet sized Family Emergency Plan (PDF) and make sure to update it annually, and download our Emergency Preparedness Brochure (PDF) for more information on the following 5 tips:

5 Preparedness Tips

  1. Pack a kit: don't forget things like water, food, medication, first aid items, important documents and hygiene items; use the Check-off List (PDF) to make sure you have everything you need
  2. Make a plan: where will you meet, what will you do, and how will you communicate
  3. Sign-up for Chino Notify to receive emergency and community alerts
  4. Get to know your neighbors: we are more resilient when we stand together. Once you have prepared your family, encourage your neighbors to do the same
  5. Volunteer in your community: just preparing your family and neighborhood will assist your City in recovering from a disaster quickly, but, if you have a desire to do more consider joining the Chino Cares Volunteer Program or other Police Department volunteer opportunities

Business Preparedness

Over 40% of all companies that experience a disaster never reopen and more than 25% of those that do reopen close within two years. Businesses can prevent closing by being prepared for both natural and everyday disasters. Business preparedness includes:

  • Identifying your hazards and risks
  • Having a continuity plan to become operational quickly
  • Training employees on how to be prepared and how to respond
  • Having redundancy resources for equipment and supplies
  • Exercising your plan

More information is available at Ready.gov's Business page.