Bicycle Registration

The City of Chino requires that all bicycle owners living in the City register their bicycles (CMC 10.56.030). This aids the Police Department in returning your bike to you if it is stolen and recovered and assists us in identifying the bicycle owner in the event of a crash. Since many bicyclists, especially children, do not carry identification, this information is very useful during such incidents as it can take hours for emergency personnel to make positive identification and contact a parent if a child is hurt, scared or confused.

There is a $3 fee to register bicycles for a 3-year period. There are several options for registering your bicycle. We encourage you to do both, especially since stolen bicycles tend to travel across city boundaries.

Register your bicycle in-person at the Chino Police Department; and Register your bicycle with the National Bike Registry, which is a nationwide online database that Police Departments can securely access to identify the owners of bicycles. Your bicycle must have a permanent serial number in order to be registered. Most manufacturers stamp an individual serial number onto each bicycle before it leaves the factory. Each bike must be registered separately. When a registered bike is sold, the new owner will need to fill in the "Transfer of Ownership" portion of the bicycle registration form.

As a reminder, by law, bicycle riders under 18 years of age must wear a bicycle helmet while riding on a public road (CVC 21212). Wearing a helmet at any age can significantly reduce the risk of severe or fatal head injury in case of a fall.

Finding Your Serial Number

Where to look to find your bike's serial number:

Find Your Bike Serial Number Diagram