Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement

We, the members of the Chino Police Department, are dedicated to the safety of our community through teamwork and problem-solving partnerships; providing excellent service with dignity and respect.

Core Values


Placing personal integrity and that of our Department above all. We shall endeavor to serve the community with fairness and sincerity.


Being consistent and truthful in our beliefs and actions, holding ourselves to the highest level of moral and ethical conduct.


Taking responsibility for our actions and ensuring that our behavior earns the support and trust of the public.


Devotion to the causes, ideals and customs that make our Department and community unique.


Working in our community with high standards and a strong sense of equality and impartiality.


Showing consideration and courteous regard for all persons; recognizing and honoring individual characteristics and traits.


The talents and skills of our employees and members of the community working together to achieve our common goals.