Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is administered by the Public Works Engineering Division. The program provides for maintenance and improvements to existing infrastructure as well as new installations to support future growth in the City of Chino. The division oversees and manages the planning, design, bidding, construction inspection, and project management functions for City-sponsored CIP projects.

CIP projects underway include the following:

  • Arterial Highways
  • Local Streets
  • Traffic Signal Modification/ Installation
  • Sewer/ Storm Drain
  • Water
  • Various Landscape Improvements

The CIP was developed with input from City departments and citizen groups and was adopted by the City Council based on identified needs. The projects are funded from a variety of sources such as the General Fund, Community Development Block Grant, Measure I, SB 1 and other local and federal grants.

Public Works Employees Working a CIP Project