The budget incorporates the City's operating budget and the Four-Year Capital Improvement Program. The budget contains detailed financial data that pertains to the City's ongoing operations for the next fiscal year. The City's fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30.

City of Chino SignBudget staff meets with each department's budget representatives in December to discuss the objectives for the budget process for the new fiscal year. The Budget Team compiles the information and prepares revenue estimates and fund balance projections. The City Manager prepares recommendations to City Council and a public budget workshop is held in May with the goals of adopting the budget at the last Council meeting in June to take effect July 1.

  1. FY 2023-2025
  2. FY 2022-2023
  3. FY 2021 -2022
  4. FY 2020-2021
  5. FY 2019-2020
  6. FY 2018-2019