Central Avenue

Adopted in March 1982, the Central Avenue Specific Plan (CASP) is a land use, urban design and circulation study of the Central Avenue corridor. Its purpose is to show how existing and future developments can be integrated into a pleasing, vital community environment. The CASP provides general guidelines on which future planning decisions can be made, and also contains design criteria to insure that all future development meets the City's goal of creating an attractive corridor along Central Avenue. Within the framework of the CASP, developed the Downtown/Civic Center Master Plan.

The CASP project area extends along Central Avenue up to Phillips Avenue to the north and Schaefer Avenue to the south. The east and west boundaries vary but are generally located approximately 660 feet in either direction of Central Avenue. The Plan area is divided into seven sub-planning areas which provide for different land use and development criteria.

Residential to Commercial Conversions in the Central Avenue Specific Plan & Downtown Civic Center Master Plan

Certain lots that contain residential structures on them along the Central Avenue corridor have the ability to be converted to a commercial use. To find out if your lot has this ability, please refer to the matrix linked on this page, which indicates if approval is possible and also provides some guidelines for conversion. There are also two maps which may be helpful in locating your specific property. Addresses on the matrix are color-coordinated to match the corresponding sections on the maps.

For More Information

For specific information regarding the CASP, please contact the Planning Division at 909-334-3253 or by email.

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