Business License


The City of Chino requires a Business License to operate any business in the City. A Business License application may be obtained at City Hall, 13220 Central Avenue, Chino, CA 91710. At the time the Business License application is completed and the required tax paid, you will receive a receipt. The Business License will be mailed to you after all appropriate City departments have reviewed the application. You should not operate the business until all City requirements are met.


If you will be operating the business out of your home in the City of Chino, please refer to the Home Occupation Permit section for specific requirements.


Depending on the type of business which you propose to operate, where it will be located and whether you plan alterations to the building or property, other permits and fees may be required. To ensure that you meet all requirements, you should check the following at the One Stop Permit Center:

  • Confirm the zoning of the property where you plan to operate the business and whether the use is allowed by right or requires a Special Conditional Use Permit or an Administrative Approval in that zone. Contact the Planning Division at (909) 334-3253 or
  • Determine whether any building, grading, demolition, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, occupancy, or Sign Permits/Inspections are required. Contact the Building Division at (909) 334-3251 or
  • Obtain information on home occupations, parking requirements, setback requirements, sign permits or requirements, design/architectural guidelines, land divisions, and possible City fees. Contact the Planning Division at (909) 334-3253 or

Check with the Chino Valley Independant Fire District, Public Safety Department, to see if you meet Fire Prevention Codes at (909) 902-5260.